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What is Hydra?

We are Startups Hunters. We select top quality startups from emerging markets and turn them into global and fast scalable companies. Managed by Macarena Botta, Martín Giura and Nicolás Bistolfi, Hydra searches for successful early stage companies in Latin America, with focus on their three pillars: entrepreneurs, ideas and investors. We select startups in a pre seed stage and provide them proper guidance, talent, advisors, key partnerships and time to help them get to the growth acceleration stage.

Macarena, Martín and Nicolás have a track record of working with startups.

In 2010 Martín and Nicolás built woOw, one of the most important e-commerce sites in Uruguay. Even today, woOw is still the Uruguayan company that has achieved the fastest growth. What has resonated most about woOw's success is not just the traction or number of current employees, it is that the founding team was able to introduce e-commerce into a market where it previously didn't exist.

In 2014 Macarena founded Sinergia Cowork, the first Cowork space in Uruguay which also runs a Startup Incubator program for the ANII (Uruguay's National Agency of Innovation).

Combined, the three of them have 24 years of experience in the entrepreneurship environment, going from touch screen projects before the iPad was released, working at Endeavor, to being part of the first TEDx Montevideo organized in Uruguay, launching a health tech company and building a US company with Silicon Valley investors.

The Team


Founder & Managing Director

Macarena Botta

Founder & Managing Director - Hydra Campus

Nicolás Bistolfi

Founder & Managing Director

Leandro Mestre


Iván Kirichenko


Our Startups

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October, 2017


Croway is a P2P rental platform for vehicles.

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October, 2016

Hydra Campus

Hydra Campus is an online learning platform that allows people to develop their entrepreneurship skills.

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April, 2016


ClubPet is the first Personal Assistant for Pets. Anticipating pet's needs, we remove the problem about worrying for pet's food, flea repelent, periodical vaccinations or new toys.

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